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Prof. Dennis M. Freeman
Lab Director
Roozbeh Ghaffari
Postdoctoral Associate
Scott Page
Graduate Research Assistant
Shirin Farrahi
Graduate Research Assistant
Jon Sellon
Graduate Research Assistant


Gradute Students

Doctoral Students

  • Shatz, L., "Effect of hair bundle shape on hair bundle hydrodynamics of sensory cells in the inner ear," June 1996.
  • Davis, C.Q., "Measuring nanometer, three-dimensional motions with light microscopy," June 1997.
  • Karu, Z.Z., "Fast subpixel registration of 3-D images," February 1998.
  • Abnet, C. Cameron, "Measuring mechanical properties of the tectorial membrane with a magnetizable bead," February 1998 (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering).
  • Mermelstein, Michael S., "Synthetic Aperture Microscopy," co-supervised with Tom Knight, June 1999.
  • Wei, Jesse L., "Osmotic and electrical responses of the isolated mouse tectorial membrane to column I metals," February 2001 (MD Thesis).
  • Raju, Balasundara I., "Analysis of high frequency ultrasonic scattering from skin with application to cutaneous melanoma detection," co-supervised with M. A. Srinivasan, June 2002.
  • Aranyosi, A.J., "Measuring sound-induced motions of the alligator lizard cochlea," June 2002 (HST).
  • Ryu, Jekwan, "Resolution Improvement in Optical Microscopy by Use of Multi-Beam Interferometric Illumination," September 2003 (HST).
  • Hong, Stanley, "Scanning standing-wave illumination microscopy: a path to nanometer resolution in x-ray microscopy," November 2004.
  • Masaki, Kinu, "Measuring Material Properties of Tectorial Membranes from Normal and Genetically Modified Mice," June 2006 (HST).
  • Bergevin, Christopher, "Comparative approaches to otoacoustic emissions: Towards an understanding of why the ear emits sound," June 2007 (co-supervised with Christopher Shera, HST) (HST).
  • Ghaffari, Roozbeh, "Functional Role of the Mammalian Tectorial Membrane in Cochlear Mechanics," February 2008 (HST).
  • Master's Students

  • Chung, Henry E., "Physicochemical properties of the alligator lizard tectorial membrane," June 1994.
  • Patire, Anthony D., "Measuring the point spread function of a light microscope," February 1997.
  • Rouf, Rosanne, "Effect of metal ions on the isolated tectorial membrane of the mouse," July 1997.
  • Bilyeu, Bryan C., "Computer microvision measurements of stapedial motion in human temporal bone," co-supervised with John Rosowski, June 1998.
  • McAllister, Abraham R., "Measuring electrical properties of the tectorial membrane," February 1999.
  • Feldkhun, Daniel, "A portable high-speed 3D imager for the blind," co-supervised with Lyle Shirley, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, February 1999.
  • Stanley Hong, "Surface Acoustic Wave Optical Modulation," February 2001.
  • Tsai, Betty, "Measuring the mechanical impedance of the isolated tectorial membrane," June 2001.
  • Chen, David, "Mechano-Electric Properties of the Lateral Line," June 2001.
  • Landman, Bennett, "Broadband nanodetection using heterodyne interferometry," February 2002.
  • Copeland, Andrew D., "Robust Motion Estimation in the Presence of Fixed Pattern Noise," June 2003.
  • Ghaffari, Roozbeh, "Measuring electrical properties of the tectorial membrane," June 2003.
  • Gu, Jianwen Wendy, "Measuring mechanical properties of the tectorial membrane with a microfabricated probe," June 2004 (BE).
  • Mellen, Jeff, "Visualization and Management of Large Biological Imaging Datasets," June 2004 (joint with Prof. Peter K. Sorger).
  • Waldon, Mathew C., "Low power image based triggering for extended operation surveillance," co-supervised with Lawrence C. Candell, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, June 2004.
  • Balster, Stephanie K, "An Earth Image Simulation and Tracking System for the Mars Laser Communication Demonstration," co-supervised with Frederick K. Knight, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, June 2005.
  • Parikh, Ketul M., "Design Considerations for Implantable Vestibular Prostheses," co-advised with Marc S. Weinberg, Draper Laboratory, and Conrad Wall III, Harvard Medical School, expected June 2006.
  • Ren, Bobby B., "Classification of Water Contaminants using a Differential Mobility Spectrometer," co-supervised with K. Keshava (Draper Laboratories), June 2006.
  • Dana, Kristin J., "Three dimensional reconstruction of the tectorial membrane: An image processing method using differential interference contrast microscopy," June 1992.
  • Garbes, Peter A.Z., "Evaluating human neural tuning curves from a mechanical model of the cochlea by relating them to psychophysical masking data," co-supervised with Jont B. Allen, AT&T Bell Laboratories, June 1994 (also used for bachelor's degree).
  • Johnson, Laura, "Using videomicroscopy to characterize the three-dimensional motions of a microfabricated gyroscope," co-supervised with C. Q. Davis, PhD student in EECS, June 1997.
  • Raju, Balasundara I., "Ultrasonic backscatter microscope for in vivo imaging of human fingertip," co-supervised with M. A. Srinivasan, February 1998.
  • Gordon, Michael J., "Rotation analysis of a microfabricated fatigue test structure," February 1999.
  • Timoner, Samson, "Subpixel motion estimation from sequences of video images," June, 1999.
  • Englehart, Amy, "Changes in a gel's electrical properties due to exposure to air," February 2002.
  • Desai, Salil, "Mirau Interferometric Computer Microvision," September 2002.
  • Page, Scott, "Sound-induced micromechanical motions in an isolated cochlea preparation," June 2006.
  • Farrahi, Shirin, "In-Vivo Measurement of Sound-Induced Motions in the Gerbil Cochlea," June 2009.
  • Undergradute Students

  • Ingrid Guha, June 2010
  • Ehsani, Farzad, "Comparison of two motion detection techniques," June 1988.
  • Hattangadi, Shilpa M., "Osmotic properties of the isolated tectorial membrane of the mouse: Effect of pH," June 1995.
  • Cazares, Shelley M., "Osmotic response of the mouse tectorial membrane to changes in predominant alkali ion," June 1998.
  • Ammer, Josephine, "Adaptive Doppler processing," December 1996 (MIT advisor for project at HP Medical).
  • Gieffers, Amy, "Digital storage and retrieval tools for the PC," December 1996 (MIT advisor for project at HP Medical).
  • Sanders, Ben, "Enabling Research on the TraceMaster ECG Management System," December 1998 (MIT advisor for project at HP Medical).
  • Moy, Shao-Fei, "ECG readings on lab mice," June 1999 (MIT advisor for project at Beth Israel).
  • Li, Hanwei, "Proteomics Array," Jan. 2004.
  • Chan, Gary, "Diagnostic tests of mice with genetic hearing disorders," January 2004.
  • Kovac, Joseph, "High Resolution Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Measuring Sound Induced Motions in the Inner Ear," June 2005.
  • Palaniappan , Pravin Raja, "Novel Techniques for Determining Protein-Protein Interaction: A new Western Blot," co-supervised with Prof. Paul Matsudaira, June 2007.