Microscale Engineering
for the Life Sciences

This page contains links to a number of video files showing students from the 2007 offering of HST410/6.07J at work. Some of these videos are quite large (the sizes are listed in parentheses), so expect long download times!

Michelle cutting PDMS (7.6 MB)
Michelle cutting, and discussion of video (8.4 MB)
The cell trap group asks for a ruler(11 MB)
Rooz helps the Coulter counter group get their PDMS off of the wafer (11 MB)
"Science is Fun!" and the Coulter counter device is loosened (12 MB)
Cutting more PDMS (24 MB)
Coulter counter device finally comes up! (15 MB)
Cutting individual devices from the wafer (14 MB)
More device cutting (1.8 MB)
Jay visits, cell trap device lifting, and first Coulter counter device is separated (24 MB)
Cutting more Coulter counter devices (5.5 MB)
Lifting the cell traps off of the wafer (7.4 MB)
The valve group is ready! (3.5 MB)
Semmie removes PDMS from a wafer (12 MB)
Cell trap devices are free! (1.7 MB)
Discussing cell traps (36 MB)
Brianna mixes PDMS, Semmie bonds devices (12 MB)
Semmie using the plasma bonder (7.3 MB)
Semmie still using the plasma bonder (32 MB)
Semmie explains the Coulter counter designs (28 MB)
How plasma bonding works (with hiccups) (36 MB)
Valves and working metal (15 MB)
Bonding cell traps (15 MB)
More cell trap bonding (15 MB)
Large beads get stuck in the Coulter counter (24 MB)
Placing magnets on the valves (36 MB)
More magnet placing (16 MB)
Placing magnets using the dowel method (14 MB)
Jackie explains how the valves work (15 MB)
Waiting for valve magnets in the oven(12 MB)
Testing valves with laminar flow (37 MB)
Using food coloring to test the valves (65 MB)
Opening the valve, and random shots of the ceiling (36 MB)
More valve testing (30 MB)
Magnetically actuating the valve (38 MB)